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The Power of Community

Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras features 12 ensemble programs for young musicians, ages 6 to 18.  We offer pathways to increased self-confidence, resilience, and a deep appreciation for music and the arts. 

Meet the Musicians

CYSO’s class of 2023 was made up of 106 grads who will attend some of the most-respected colleges, universities, and conservatories in the world. Almost half of them will study music, while the rest will study a wide range of subjects including engineering, history, astrophysics, pre-med, literature, computer science, education, more. And perhaps most impressive of all, our class of 2023 earned nearly $8 million in scholarships!

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging is inseparable from musical excellence. We value the unique role and contribution of every musician and recognize that we will only create world-class music when each member of the ensemble can participate to their fullest potential.

Celebrating 75+ years of alumni

CYSO alumni go on to play in the world’s best orchestras and ensembles, and can also be found at the top of nearly every other field, from science to business to government. Read more about a few of the brilliant alums we’ve caught up with recently.

Thank You To Our Partners

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