CYSO maintains a community of alumni who continue to inspire and cultivate personal excellence through all walks of life. Not only do CYSO alumni sit in some of the world’s most respected orchestras, they also continue to make a difference at the top of fields including law, science, business, entertainment, and more. The CYSO experience provides students from all backgrounds with the problem solving, teamwork, and creative skills necessary to succeed, whatever their future may hold.

Notable Alumni

Demare McGill, ‘92

Principal flute, Seattle Symphony

“The people and experiences from CYSO was huge. They were the perfect seed to what would become my life.”

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Emma Gerstein, ‘05

Flute, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

“I was never the ‘best’ flute player in CYSO. It was great, and humbling, to always hear people who were much better than me. I learned to never get too comfortable or cocky, and to keep practicing.”

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Richard Davis, ‘48

Bassist, educator, activist

“All the pieces that we played [in CYSO] were my favorite because they were challenging and were learning experiences.”

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