Financial Assistance

CYSO programs engage some of the most talented and dedicated musicians from around the Chicago area. We believe that a family’s ability to pay should never be a factor in whether or not a student chooses to attend CYSO. We award need-based scholarships each season to students who apply via our Financial Assistance application.

Financial assistance is awarded at the beginning of each season based on a family’s income, which programs the student is enrolled in, number of siblings enrolled in CYSO, and other family or financial circumstances. Families can expect strict confidentiality regarding their financial assistance application and award results. The Financial Assistance Awards Committee is responsible for determining the number and amounts of awards provided. Every effort will be made to meet the needs of students and their families.

To complete the Financial Assistance application, you will need a copy of the first page of your most recent Federal Income Tax Form 1040. Please be sure to black out all social security numbers.

CYSO’s Financial Aid Program is supported in part by a grant from the Benjamin B. Green-Field Foundation.