At CYSO, we believe that every student has the right to a high quality music education. Creating a pathway for talented and committed young musicians to play at the highest level is integral to our mission, and we invest in our community through school-based ensembles and free concerts that reach more than 10,000 young people annually. 

Free Music Education Programs for Schools

Students and teachers are singing the praises of CYSO’s field trip and performance offerings! We offer free, high quality field trip opportunities, in-school performances, and digital offerings developed for 3rd-5th grade classrooms. Students experience music performed by peers not much older than themselves, discovering new musical styles and an appreciation for music history, theory, and instruments they may not have heard before.

Education Concert Field Trips

Education concert field trips include performances from CYSO orchestra, jazz, or steelpan ensembles, led by some of the area’s most celebrated music educators. High quality and high energy, these shows are a always a hit with students!

Virtual Education Concerts

Can’t make it in person? Bring the field trip to you digitally with one of our Virtual Education Concerts! With pre-concert materials to enhance students’ learning, these programs include music, student-led facilitation, and diverse musical topics.

Ambassadors In-School Concerts

We bring the performance to you! Ambassadors are small ensembles of 4-6 CYSO musicians who perform at select CPS schools. These 45-60 minute concerts include engaging and age-appropriate music and content led by the musicians themselves.

Learn more about our field trip, online, and in-school opportunities and how to register by downloading our 2022-2023 School Programs Catalog!

CYSO@CPS In-School Programs

Moos Elementary

Neighborhood: Humbolt Park

Now in its 5th year, CYSO’s partnership with Moos Elementary gives middle school band students the chance to dive deeper into their chosen instruments through weekly sectionals. Instrument-specific sectionals allow students to explore the unique technique and culture of their instruments. With individualized guidance from CYSO coaches, students progress more quickly and build strong band culture through teamwork.

Gallistel Language Academy

Neighborhood: East Side

CYSO’s partnership with Gallistel Language Academy helps beginner strings players start off right. Students’ regular daily orchestra instruction is paired with weekly sectionals with CYSO coaches to help build techniques while exploring the world of orchestral music for the first time. After the first year intensive, students have the option to join an extracurricular orchestra led by Gallistel’s music teacher.

Fulton Elementary

Neighborhood: Back of the Yards

CYSO is proud to support Steel Orchestra Assistant Jaron Woodsley in his role as music teacher at Fulton Elementary. In partnership with CYSO, Jaron shares his passion for steel pan with his music students at Fulton. “I am hoping to build a connection between the Fulton Elementary School – and, by extension, Back of The Yards – community and CYSO” Jaron says. “My hope is that more students from this school and neighborhood may have access to quality music education and exposure to new styles of music.” 

Holmes Elementary

Neighborhood: Englewood

Holmes Elementary is home to CYSO@CPS’s youngest musicians, where coach Nayelii Duran works with 3rd grade violinists during their curricular music class. 

Graham Elementary

Neighborhood: Canaryville

The newest member of the CYSO@CPS family, Graham Elementary participated in CYSO’s first cohort of Preludes schools in 2021-2022. CYSO provides string coaches to help Graham’s most advanced middle school orchestra musicians reach the next level. 

CYSO Preludes Program

Various Neighborhoods

CYSO’s free Preludes program builds authentic, consistent connections with CPS elementary schools with established instrumental music programs to build a strong foundation for long-term partnership. Over the course of the school year, partner schools and CYSO will get to know each other through meetings, concerts, field trips, and coaching opportunities. At the end of the year, schools have the opportunity to explore deeper partnerships with CYSO, including potentially becoming a new CYSO@CPS location.

Learn More About Programming For Schools

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