Arts in Education Week: CYSO Artistic Staff on What Arts Education Taught Them

The arts challenge us, bring us joy, and sometimes, keep us out of trouble. There’s a million different ways we can count how arts education influences people from all walks of life. In honor of Arts in Education Week, the CYSO artistic staff shared their #BecauseofArtsEd stories about what arts education gave to them, and what the arts give to the world.

Allen Tinkham, Music Director
“Because of Arts Ed, people call me ‘maestro’! Crazy, right!?”


Terrance Malone Gray, Associate Conductor
“Because of Arts Ed, I learned to see the best in people.”


Daniella Valdez, Director of String Ensembles
“Because of Arts Ed, I stayed out of trouble!”


Michael Mascari, Concert Orchestra Conductor
“Because of Arts Ed, the world is rich and beautiful!”


Dana Green, Debut Orchestra Conductor
“Because of Arts Ed, I learned that small differences can have large effects.”


Anne McTighe, Overture Strings Conductor, Preparatory Strings Assistant Conductor
“Because of Arts Ed, I can express my feeling and emotions in ways other than words.”


Steven Gooden, Debut Orchestra Assistant Conductor
“Because of Arts Ed, my passions are my job so I’ve never really worked a day in my life!”


Director of Chamber Music Dr. Don DeRoche shared his reasons for being an arts educator:

“As humans we all have a place in our minds that is our own. We have private thoughts and feelings that we don’t share with our closest friends. While these places are our own, they all share and draw from a common pool of human emotion, thought and feelings. We can’t always express our private feelings in words. The arts exist to help us share our deepest understandings. Helping young people to discover and enrich the understanding of their inner selves is the reason I teach the arts.”


What has arts ed done for you?

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