Become a CYSO Fundraiser & Increase Your Impact!

In recent years, online crowdfunding has become a significant source of financial support for non-profits everywhere. Maybe you’ve seen a friend share a fundraiser on social media in honor of their birthday, or received an invite to donate to someone’s Go-fund-me page. Now, you can create an online fundraiser in support of CYSO!

When you sign up to become a fundraiser on the CYSO website, you’ll be assigned a personalized web page to share with your friends and family inviting them to donate towards your goal. By calling on your community for support, you can significantly increase your impact and play a crucial role in supporting the efforts of CYSO’s dedicated students.

Not sure how to manage an online fundraiser? Here are a few tips to help get you started:

Tell your story! Whether you are a parent, student or patron, every member of the CYSO community has a unique story. When setting up your fundraising page, it’s important that you personalize it by sharing what CYSO means to you. Let your family and friends know why you believe that it’s important to support the students of CYSO.

Set a goal. When you create your page, you’ll have the opportunity to set a fundraising goal. Although it isn’t required, having a clear and attainable goal can help motivate your friends and family to give. Just don’t go too high—a goal that seems unachievable can actually discourage giving.

Spread the word. Share your fundraising page with as many people as possible! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great places to share. Simply share the link to your fundraiser and ask your family and friends to consider making a donation. Don’t have social media? Email and text are also fantastic ways to share your fundraising page.

Make CYSO a part of your next celebration. Although any day is a good day to support CYSO, online fundraisers are often more successful when paired with a special life event like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. Create a fundraiser in honor of your personal celebration and ask your friends and family to make a donation in lieu of gifts.

Thank your donors. Although people who give to your fundraiser will receive an automated thank you message, personally expressing your gratitude for their donation is always a good idea. Text, call, or message your donors and let them know how much you appreciate their support. A simple thank you goes a long way!

Give yourself a pat on the back! Whether you raise $5 or $5,000, you can feel good knowing that you’ve made an impact on the lives of students all across Chicagoland. Thank you for partnering with CYSO in our mission to inspire personal excellence through music!

Questions about fundraising for CYSO? Contact Allison Webb at

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