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CYSO New Year Card Features Artwork from Prep Strings’ Dylan Lin

CYSO’s 2024 new year’s cards are hitting the mail this month and this year we decided to take a new approach to the design. While everyone knows that CYSO students are all talented young musicians, but did you know that many of them are also incredible visual artists as well?

The final card design using Dylan’s wonderful animal orchestra

We asked students to submit drawings representing their CYSO experience, and of all the incredible submissions we received, it was 11 year old Dylan Lin‘s menagerie of animal musicians that we thought best captured the joy and energy of CYSO. Read more about Dylan’s artwork and CYSO experience below, followed by a few of the honorable mention submissions we also loved!

Dylan Lin holding violin

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Dylan Lin and I’m 11 years old. I go to Bartlett Elementary School. I play violin in the Preparatory Strings group right now. This is my second year playing in CYSO. 

What was your inspiration for your drawing and how did you pick the animals to include?
My inspiration for this art piece was from my love for animals. I want to be a zoologist when I grow up! We have four lovely cats and a big tank of fish at home. I started with my favorite animals when I was drawing this picture, and I tried to match their size and body feature to the instruments of the orchestra. 

How does it feel knowing that the whole CYSO community will see your drawing?
I feel very proud that my art can be shown to the community, and I also think I did a pretty good job! 

Crayon drawing of animals playing instruments
Dylan’s original artwork

What do you like about playing in CYSO?
Playing in CYSO is a great experience for me. I am making a lot of friends, and get along really well with my stand partners.

What’s your favorite piece you’ve played with CYSO?
My favorite piece that we have played was Mahler’s Symphony no. 1. Mahler was a great composer and this piece sounds very energetic and exciting!

You’re a great musician and a great artist—any other hidden talents you’d like to share?
Other than playing violin and piano, I also enjoy playing chess and soccer with my friends. I am also very good at math!

Thank you to Dylan and the many students who submitted wonderful artwork! We hope to use some of the other pieces throughout this season and next.

Check out some of the honorable mention submissions below:

Nila Senthilkumar
Elizabeth Kim
Asher Corelitz
Zofia Szymanska
Natalie Lin
Eliana Panter
Emmy Kuan

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