Four Inspiring Videos from Maestro Tinkham

The past three weeks have been difficult for everyone. We miss our CYSO community, and we’ve heard from plenty of students and parents about how much they, too, miss CYSO. To help raise spirits a bit, Maestro Allen Tinkham shared these four videos that have been inspiring and bringing him joy right now.

Pavarotti sings Puccini’s Nessun Dorma (from Tosca)

My favorite part is the look on his face at ~5:37. That feeling is what’s missing from too much music.

Wagner: Siegfried’s Funeral Music – Vienna; Solti

Need I explain?

James Brown sings Bewildered (live in Augusta, GA)

He goes kind of nuts from 3:28-5:54; this is why when you Google “hardest working man in show business,” James Brown is all of the results

CYSO performs Mahler’s Symphony No.5; Adagietto

This May 2010 concert happened under unusual circumstances. I had been very sick in the weeks leading up to the concert and hadn’t seen Symphony Orchestra at all in three weeks prior. (Special thanks to Terrance Gray for taking the rehearsals those weeks, including the Orchestra Hall dress rehearsal.) I conducted the concert sitting in a chair because I didn’t think I could stand up for the entire piece.
Somehow, despite the lost time and a little rust on my part, it’s one of the best concerts I can remember. Why? We really, really wanted to play that day. What you hear in that performance is a true appreciation for the music, a desire to play that you almost never hear.
It struck me this week that when CYSO’s ensembles do get to come back and play together in person, the circumstances will be similar. It will have been a long time since, and we may be a bit rusty. But our desire to play will be obvious, and whenever it is, it will be the beginning of a new era at CYSO.

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