Get to Know CYSO’s Class of 2023

Congratulations to CYSO’s class of 2023! The end of the season is always bittersweet as we celebrate the achievements of our seniors and send them off into the world for their next adventures. Whether they’ve been with us for one season or ten, each graduate leaves a legacy of dedication, creativity, and music. And as always, we look forward to watching all the big things they’ll accomplish in the future. Read on to learn more about this year’s graduates.

Members of the Class of 2023

Rose Abrahamson | University of Illinois, Bio-engineering and German
Zachary Allen | Oberlin College and Conservatory, Oboe Performance and Undecided
Stacey Apellido | University of Illinois at Chicago, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Maya Atassi | The University of Chicago, Astrophysics
Louis Auxenfans | Harvard, Economics and Statistics
Gloria Baek | Yale University, Ethics, Politics, and Economics
Dean  Barrow | Stanford University, Computer Science and Management, Science, and Engineering
Violet Berg | Sarah Lawrence College, History
Payton Bryk | University of Miami, Music Engineering
Evan Campbell | University of Illinois, English Literature and Violin Performance
Ellen Campbell | Macalester College, Computer Science and Music
Tanner Carlson-Huber | Northwestern University , Oboe Performance & Music Composition
Ryan Cerauli | Indiana University, Neuroscience
Jessica Chen | Northwestern University, Undecided
Shiqi Cheng | Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science
Leo Chiappetti | DePaul university , Percussion Performance
Grace Choi | University of Notre Dame, Finance, Business Analytics
Nikki Chopra  | Amherst College , Neuroscience/psychology, Pre-Med
Luke Chung | Harvard University, Astrophysics
Benjamin Cohen | Berklee College of Music, Bass Performance
Kacie Cortes | St. Olaf College, Music
Maxwell DeForest | The New England Conservatory, Trumpet Performance
Athena Deng | Brown University, Cognitive Science
Francesca Di Domenico | University of Michigan, Mathematics
Danielle Diaz | Illinois State University, Music Education
Kai Dizon | University of California Los Angeles, Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution
Aleo Esparza | DePaul University School of Music, Music Performance – Classical Percussion
Alec Fiden | School of Visual Arts New York, 3D animation and Visual Effects
Sofia  Grimes | Eastman School of Music, Violin Performance
Brandon Harper | Northwestern University, Jazz Studies – piano
Cameron Hejny | University of Illinois, Clarinet Performance and Music Education
Joshua Ho | Purdue University, Mechanical Engineering
Jessica Hu | University of Illinois, Business Undeclared
Joshua Hunt | Illinois State University, Computer Science
Samantha Irwin | University of Illinois, Chemistry
Abhiram Jayaprakash | University of Illinois, Aerospace engineering
Matthew  Jordan  | Yale University , Economics
Himani Kamineni | Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Computer Science and Molecular Biology
Jeewoi Kang | Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering
Laney Kang | New York University, Speech Pathology or Elementary Education
Tess Kassinger | Emory University, Biology
Lisa Kazami | Rice University, Violin Performance
Gavin Kempf-Kutemeier | University of Michigan, Bassoon Performance
Claire Kim | Northwestern University, Flute Performance/Neuroscience
Andy Ko | Duke University, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science
Jackson La Vallee | Vanderbilt University, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Henry Lazzaro | Northwestern University, Clarinet Performance
Divya Lidder | Iowa State University, Computer Science
Vivian Liu | University of Chicago
Henry Lobash | University of Illinois, Econometrics and Quantitative Economics
Naomi Loos  | University of Illinois, Music Education
Nick Lorenzen | Princeton University, Architecture
Jaiden Lulla | Georgia Institute of Technology, Aerospace Engineering
Leith Mascari | University of Illinois, Physics
Leonardo Milano | University of the Pacific, Jazz Performance
Elena Miller | Cleveland Institute of Music, Horn Performance
Alicia Miller | University of Southern California, Music performance
Zoltan Moran | Michigan Technological University, Mechanical Engineering
Nicole Moravec | University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development
River Myers | Indiana University Bloomington, Audio Engineering
Timothy Nelson | Butler University, Finance
Quinn Olson | University of Miami, Music Industry
Anthony Orsi | Vassar College, Philosophy and music
Hanna Oyasu | Northwestern University, Neuroscience and Flute Performance
James Pan | University of Michigan, Computer Science
Hayden Park | Milwaukee School of Engineering, Software Engineering
Henry Park | Northwestern University, Economics and Data Science
Yaseen Qureshi | University of Chicago, Economics and Middle Eastern Studies
Jacob Ramirez | University of Illinois, Music Education
Eden Raviv | Duke University, Data Science
Yuuki Sato | University of Illinois, General Studies
August Schwob | Manhattan School of Music, Cello Performance
Trayi Sharma | Northwestern University, Engineering Undeclared
Amarin Sharma | Vanderbilt University, Violin Performance
Maegan Sim | University of Illinois, Psychology
Theodore Smith | Indiana University, Music Performance/Business
Thomas Smith | University of Illinois, Music Education
Vera Song | Bates College, Environmental Studies
Julia  Soto | University of Illinois at Chicago, Nutrition
Nate Spratford | Vanderbilt University, Jazz Studies + American Studies
Bella Staar | DePaul University, Chemistry, Pre-Health
Wanrou Sun | Case Western Reserve University, Chemistry + Physics
Sindhu Tiwari | University of Southern California, Public Policy
Eli Trokenheim | Columbia University , English and Music
Gerrit Vanderschoot | St. Olaf College, Cello Performance and Music Education
Joshua Villanoy | St. Olaf College, Violin Performance and Music Education
Luke Walters | Youngstown State University , Trombone Performance
Matthew Warren | Butler University, Clarinet Performance
Ryan Wilkov | Northwestern University, Materials Engineering
Julia Wodzien | University of Illinois Chicago, Urban Education
Shirley Xiong | Harvard University, Math/Economics
Grace Zeng | University of Illinois, Computer science
Amelia Zheng | Cornell University, Computer science

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