Jazz Orchestra Audition Requirements

Requirements for the 2021-22 auditions will be announced by February 1, 2021. Below are the requirements for last season’s auditions.

Jazz Audition Video Requirements:

  • All excerpts for your instrument provided by CYSO (listed at the bottom of this page)
  • Four or more major scales at your tempo (excluding drummers)
    • Two octaves, if possible
  • 2-3 Jazz Standards
    • Solo improvisation is preferred, but not required. If you do not feel confident improvising, simply play the head.

Optional inclusions:

  • Three or more harmonic minor scales
    • Two octaves, if possible
  • If you wish to be considered on an auxiliary instrument (tuba, etc) prepare a single excerpt on that instrument of your choice in addition to the materials above prepared on trumpet.
  • Any additional materials that you think will showcase your talent
  • Brief statement telling us about yourself (under 2 minutes)


Audition Excerpts

Alto Sax

Tenor Sax

Bari Sax