While COVID has made much of our lives more difficult, one bright light has been that at CYSO, we no longer have to wait for our favorite musicians to visit Chicago in order to schedule a masterclass with them. These days we can bring some of the world’s best musicians right into your living room through the virtual masterclasses we’ve featured this fall! Joined by some of CYSO’s most illustrious alums and friends, check out any that you might have missed over the past few months.

Robin Kesselman, Bass

2008 Alum | Houston Symphony

Recorded: March 2021

Sonia Mantell, Cello

2010 Alum | Minnesota Orchestra

Recorded: February 2021

Eugene Izotov, Oboe

Principal Oboe, San Francisco Symphony

Recorded: January 2021

Rachel Barton Pine, Violin

Soloist and frequent CYSO collaborator

Recorded: December 2020

Luke Fieweger, Bassoon

2012 alum | Associate Principal Bassoon, Seattle Symphony & Seattle Opera

Recorded: November 2020

Anthony McGill, Clarinet

1994 Alum | Principal Clarinet, New York Philharmonic

Recorded: October 2020

Mary Elizabeth Bowden, Trumpet

2000 Alum | Soloist and chamber musician

Recorded: September 2020

Matthew Lipman, Viola

2009 Alum | Soloist and chamber musicians

Recorded: June 2020

Emma Gerstein, Flute

2005 Alum | Second flute, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Recorded: May 2020

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