Abbey Hambright

Director of Marketing

Abbey Hambright serves as CYSO’s Director of Marketing, overseeing all things communications, design, social media, ticketing, and PR. She came to CYSO in 2015 with a background in creative small businesses and before that, spent a decade working with young people in the non-profit sector.

In her time at CYSO, Abbey has increased engagement and refreshed the brand to convey the energy of our young musicians while continuing to spotlight CYSO’s legacy of artistic excellence. She has prioritized sharing students’ stories, as well as content created by them through the creation of the Social Media Team in 2017. Abbey is committed to increasing access to CYSO programs by ensuring that equity, diversity, and inclusion is at the forefront of all communications. Early in the pandemic, in response to the isolation students were feeling as the stay-at-home order took effect, Abbey spearheaded the increase in CYSO’s online presence, producing over 100 free streamable masterclasses, workshops, and events. During her time with CYSO, Abbey has overseen two website redesigns and grew advertising and merchandise revenue.

Abbey is also a designer and artist in her own right whose work has been featured in publications including the Chicago Tribune, Buzzfeed, and Travel + Leisure magazine. She graduated with a degree in sociology from University of Illinois at Chicago. She lives in Chicago with her partner, 4th grader, and two noisy rescue dogs. In addition to her role at CYSO, she does pro-bono design work for grassroots social justice campaigns and organizations in Chicago. More of her work can be found at

What is the first album/CD/cassette you ever bought?

My first album was Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation on cassette, a Christmas gift to go along with my brand new pink boombox!

What is your favorite musical memory from when you were young?

I was a huge musical theater nerd in high school and lived for the spring months when we put together the show every year. I never had a big part, but loved the camaraderie of being in the chorus. My favorite shows we put on were Sweeney Todd and Candide—the finale still makes me cry when I hear it!

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