Anne Huynh McTighe

Assistant Director of String Ensembles

Born in Boston, Anne began playing violin at the age of three and joined her first orchestra in second grade. Later, she joined a youth orchestra program at The Rivers School Conservatory, eventually serving as concertmistress of the Rivers Youth Symphony Orchestra. Anne toured Europe twice as a student with American Music Abroad and four times as a director. She has had the opportunity to play and conduct concerts at Schönbrunn Palace and the Normandy American Cemetery. Anne is a member of the Evanston Symphony Orchestra and has collaborated and performed with the Sisai Ensemble, a Chicago-based Andean music group. Anne has also studied Baroque bow making with a faculty member of the North Bennett Street School in Boston.

Anne received a Bachelor of Music degree from Northwestern University’s Bienen School of Music and was a member of the Northwestern University Chamber Orchestra and Northwestern University Symphony Orchestra. While at Northwestern, Anne studied in Vienna and taught Music and English in a local school. Anne introduced her Viennese students to stop-motion animation, using it to explore the connection between music, stories, and emotions. As a Northwestern student, Anne became a Music Mentor to teens at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center, where she taught music composition using GarageBand and conducted research on the program’s effectiveness for Dr. Maud Hickey.

Anne is the Orchestra Director at Highcrest Middle School. In this position, Anne begins fifth grade students on violin, viola, cello, and bass. She conducts the Beginning Orchestra, Hawk Orchestra, and Wire Choir. Anne has worked at Willowbrook and Wescott Elementary School, The People’s Music School, and The Rivers School Conservatory Summer Music Program, leading orchestras, coaching chamber groups, and providing private instruction.

Anne joined the CYSO family in 2013, working with Director of String Orchestras, Daniella Valdez, as the Preparatory Strings Assistant Conductor. She was appointed to her position with the Overture Strings Orchestra when it was established in 2014.

Who is your favorite musician/piece/song to listen to and why?

I really enjoy listening to Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings. It is such beautiful piece, and I love the rich string orchestra texture and way Barber uses dissonance to create tension and release.

What was the first ensemble you played in?

The first ensemble I played in was my elementary school orchestra. I joined in 2nd grade and it was really fun to be able to play music for my classmates. One of my favorite parts of orchestra was the monthly “All-Town Orchestra”, where I got to meet and play with other students from different elementary schools in my town. Many of my very close friends were from these orchestras!

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