Bridget Duffy

Director of Development

Originally from Council Bluffs, Iowa, Bridget Duffy joined CYSO in 2019 and is the Development Manager for Individual Giving. Beyond her minor stint as an average 8th grade pianist, a passion for art in all its forms and the impact they have on everyday life is what drew her to the organization. For Bridget, one of the most rewarding aspects of being on the CYSO team is hearing the stories of current and past CYSO musicians and how CYSO has changed their lives.

Bridget earned a master’s degree in arts management from the University of Oregon where she worked as the ChinaVine Graduate Fellow for two years and gained experience at several different arts organizations including the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and the National Building Arts Center in Sauget, IL. Prior to her time at CYSO, Bridget worked as the Development Coordinator at Women Employed, a Chicago nonprofit with the mission to pursue equity for women in the workforce.

Outside of CYSO, Bridget enjoys running, reading, writing, and joining her husband, Dan, and hound dog, Ruth, on adventures around the city.

What is the first album/CD/cassette you ever bought?

Celine Dion – All the Way… A Decade of Song. There is literally no song better to karaoke to than That’s The Way It Is.

What was the first ensemble you played in?

I played the trombone in my middle school band. My musical career took a nose dive after two years but I enjoyed it while it lasted!

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