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Madalyne Maxwell

Madalyne Maxwell has been a member of the CYSO Operations department since 2006, working her way up through nearly every position to her current role as Director of Operations. She joined the staff while completing her degree in flute performance at Roosevelt University’s Chicago College of Performing Arts, realizing that her passion for music was about making things happen behind the scenes rather than being on stage herself. Since then, Madalyne has been an integral part of the Operations team, overseeing the day-to-day activity of all CYSO programs.

Madalyne is committed to continuing CYSO’s long history of musical excellence and creating an environment where young musicians can come together with like-minded peers to challenge themselves. During her tenure, she has been involved in the creation and launch of new programs including Philharmonic Orchestra and Jazz Orchestra, CYSO’s annual Double Double Workshop for double bass and double reeds, and spearheaded the creation and hiring of many new artistic and administrative staff and faculty positions. Madalyne has managed yearly entrance auditions for nearly 700 students and has been instrumental in growing CYSO’s student body from 350 to close to 650 students in on-site programs. Madalyne has managed international tours to China and Spain, coordinating travel and performance logistics for 80+ musicians. She is looking forward to CYSO’s upcoming 2022 tour to Europe.

When not at CYSO, Madalyne enjoys making bread, watching the birds in the pond behind her house, and spending time with her husband Steve, two little kids Lilly & Arthur, and ancient dog Mr. Sprout.

Who is your favorite composer and why?

I know it’s super unoriginal, but I’d probably have to say Tchaikovsky. After hearing CO recently perform Marche Slave, that is such a headbanger of a piece. He really knew how to write a piece that’ll get the audience going.

What was the first ensemble you played in?

My elementary school band was the first ensemble I played in, but the first time I played in a youth orchestra was with the Sussex County Youth Orchestra playing flute/piccolo. My school district didn’t have any strings or orchestra programs, so it was a really cool experience getting to be a part of a full orchestra.

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