Noé Mina

Moos Elementary Brass Coach

Noé Mina received his BM from Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Jazz Trumpet Performance on a Presidential Scholarship Award. He grew up studying classical piano under the tutelage of Patryce King and singing in his church choir for five years until discovering his true passion for trumpet in the sixth grade. He derived inspiration for jazz music from his high school jazz mentor Ponder East and participated in All-State Ensembles for three years as well as placing first chair in the National Competition – Jazz Band of America.

Upon moving back to his hometown in Austin, TX following graduation, Noé spent a year teaching Music Theory at a private music school, teaching jazz workshops to Austin Public School students and playing in five local bands. He has made it his mission to use his music knowledge, experience and passion to inform his teaching and introducing new musicians to different styles of music in a fun and engaging way. Since moving to Chicago in August 2019, Noé performs with a variety of artists around town, teaches as a private instructor for American Music Institute and coaches sectionals for Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras.

Who is your favorite musician/piece/song to listen to and why?

My favorite musician is always changing! Right now I love a pianist named Kiefer. He’s a skilled, tasteful player that incorporates a lot jazz into his playing and has a cool, unique sound.

What is the first album/CD/cassette you ever bought?

The first CD I ever had was the Miles Davis album – Kind of Blue!

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