CYSO is generously supported in part by individuals and the following foundation, corporate and government funders, without whom we could not provide the programming and support that brings CYSO to life.


percentage of CYSO students who receive financial assistance or attend a free program


Dollars given out in the 2019-2020 season to ensure that tuition is never a barrier to participation


of students say CYSO connects them to the community

Foundation, Corporate, Government and Individual Contributions

$50,000 and aboveThe Negaunee Foundation
$25,000 to $49,999Paul M. Angell Family Foundation
Crown Family Philanthropies
Julius N. Frankel Foundation
The MacArthur Fund for Culture, Equity, and the Arts at Prince
$10,000 to $24,999Baum Realty Group*
The Buchanan Family Foundation
DLA Piper*
John R. Halligan Charitable Fund
Illinois Arts Council Agency
Peoples Gas Community Fund
Zachry Group
$5,000 to $9,999The Louis Armstrong Educational   Foundation, Inc.
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Sargent Family Foundation
The Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation Fund

From March 1, 2022 – February 28, 2023  

Individual Donors

Encore Society

Symphony Circle
$25,000 and above
Ms. Jennifer Myerberg and The Alvin and Louise Myerberg Family Foundation, Inc.  The Jean-Paul Spire Trust 
Brittany Viola, ’03 and Justin Bernbrock
Zell Family Foundation 
Maestro’s Circle
$10,000 – $24,999
Willard E. Bransky
J. Laurence and Susan Costin
Peter M. Gotsch and Dr. Jana L. French
Angela and Dana O’Banion
Hank Turner and Erin Aleman
Ross Bricker and Nina Vinik
Daniels-Malinski Family Foundation C/O Todd and Heidi Daniels
Dr. David Lang and Ms. Toni Lang
Penny Pritzker and Bryan Traubert
Cynthia Van Osdol and John Sandwick
Dr. Louanne Carabini and Shawn O’Leary
Mary and Lionel Go
Laura Mandel and Richard Blessen
John and Joyce Schladweilerulius
Composer’s Circle
$5,000 – $9,999
James, ’61 and Marcia Franklin
Helen and Marc Rubenstein
Sara and Scott Fisher
Linda and Richard Price Family Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation
Stephen L. and Terry Schwartz 
Principal’s Circle
$2,500 – $4,999
Saurab and Anjani Bhargava
Stacie and Jon Dennis
Sarah and Justin Kessler
Mike Lobash and Laura Cordell
Michele and Edmund Taylor
Patrick Bitterman
Pamella Der and Wei Shih
Sam and Jess Lang
Yeming and Aaron Rankin
Azure and Steve Thill
Natalie Brown
Lori Julian and the Julian Family Foundation
Anne and Zachary Lazar
Noah Silverman and Marriott International
Musician’s Circle
$1,000 – $2,499
Aruna Ganju and David Morris
Andrew and Kelly Masse 
Samuel Schwartz and Rose Traubert 
The Benjamin and Bettina Van Cleave Charitable Foundation 
Mary Jo Abrahamson
Xuefie Han and David Ding
Mick and Becca McDonnell 
Susan H. Schwartz 
Mark and Alane Wanda 
Peter and Allison Abrahamson, in honor of Rose Abrahamson
The Huovie Family 
Anthony Menna 
Amanda and Peter Schwob 
Scott and Angela Weiner 
The Barr Charitable Trust
Shiv Iyer and Kavita Narasimhan 
James Merkel 
Meredith, ’98 and Lance Shaner 
Demerre’el Williams 
Tracey Beck
John Jordan and Claudia Hernandez-Jordan 
Brenda and Mark Michuda 
Peter and Susan Sidebottom 
Gemara Williams 
Catherine Bendowitz and Andrew Gilmour
Zhuang Kang and Tianming Wu 
Bryan and Sherri Miller 
Caleb, Crystal, and Hyunseok Sim 
Quad Blassengale
Robert and Jingjing Kipp 
Martha Nolin 
Maria and Andy Smith
Peter Todd Borich and Carrie May-Borich, in honor of Payton Borich
Matthew Klein 
Bonita and Delano O’Banion 
Arthur B. Smith, Jr. and Tracey L. Truesdale, in honor of Thomas Smith 
Rebecca and Josh Butler
Susan Lape and Timothy Bowling, in honor of Harry and Larry 
Erin and Beau O’Hara 
Juliet and Bram Spector 
Michael Butler
Chu-An and Anh Lee 
Liz and Gregory Peebles 
Becky and Eric Spratford 
Hansen Chen and Teresa Xiong
Bill Lee 
Stacy and Joseph Raviv 
Nicole and James Stork 
Linan Chen and Qin Chang
Felisha and Ron Lewis 
Eric Reside 
Michael Streicher 
William Dugan
Kristen and Don Lorenzen 
Israel Rocha 
Streiffer Anz-Meador Family 
Ellen Feldman
Peter E Manis and Susan Richman 
Lynn and Max Schrayer, in honor of Steve and Terry Schwartz 
The Greg and Anne Taubeneck Family Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation 

Overture Society

$500 – $999
Anonymous (2)
Dean and Janet Dimitroff
Christine Helmer and Robert Orsi, in memory of Mario Orsi 
Barbara and John Moore 
Fred Siegman 
Peter and Calliope Aliferis
Brandon Dixon and Leigh Krahenbuhl
Chunyan Huang and Xiaoxi Zhuang 
Janina Lord Morrison ’97 
Lalitha Sitaraman and Joseph Orchanian 
Becky Ballard
Linda Easler
Hank Kelly 
The Muro Family 
Nancy and Jerry Sjostrom 
Erik Barefield
Sarah and Jeff Eberhard
Douglas and Catherine Knuth 
Shelly and Dan O’Brien 
Michael Small 
Rachel Barton Pine and Gregory Pine
Paula Elliott
Andrea and Paul Lang 
Darnell Oliver 
Angie Smith 
Carey Bartell
Gregg and Wendy Elstien 
Valerie Le Deroff and Alexander Keller 
Kristine and Nathan Partain 
Faith Spencer and Mark Parts 
Mac Blessen
Ben and Sara Eno 
Dave Lenz 
John C. Robak 
Gaines Sturdivant 
Ian and Yolande Borden
Jeff Levine 
Wayne Liang and Annie Feng 
Luba Romansteva and Benjamin Blander 
Kenneth Suh, ’95 
Payton Borich ’19
Chris Farr 
Pin Lin and Ikuo Hirano 
Eugene and Ellen Rontal 
Scott Tegge, ’98 
Todd, Lynne and Ellen Cassidy
Maury Fertig 
Kevin Lindt 
Marcy and Arnie Roth 
John and Doris Toher 
Micky Chan and Brian Eng
Ms. Deborah Fineberg 
Lili Liu and Jinbo Xu 
Ms. Margaret Scheyer and Mr. Eric J. Scheyer 
Susan Van Huis 
Pam and Dave Conroy, in honor of Lauren J. Conroy
Tyler Forbes 
Kristin Marsilje and Kurtis Kossen
Renee Schuler 
Lei Wang 
Kristina and Daniel Crandall
Trevor Foster 
Sophie McCarthy and Andy Hronek 
Pauline Schultz and David Rudis 
Meade Whitaker 
Linda and Charles Dawe
Seth and Jodie Gastwirth 
Scott and Jess McConnell 
Dan Schwartz 
David Wilkov 
Nathan Deckard and Qin Cai
The Goodrich Family Gift Fund 
McLaurin and Patrick Files 
Mia Seo and Christopher Chung 
Elizabeth Williams 
Mehul Desai
Kevin Gupana, ’11 
Mr. Robert B. McLellarn 
Adam Sherman and Monica Holliday Sherman 
Renata and Randy Yuill 
John Deverman
Matthew Hanes and John Williams 
George Miller 
Matthew Siebert 
Allan and Caryn Zelinger 
$250 – $499
Anonymous (4)
Sarah Forbes Orwig
Ken and Barbara Lieberman
Lois and Philip Miller, in memory of David William Lawrence, Sr.
Charlie and Adriana Russ
Kate Akos, ’76, in honor of Mark Brandfonbrener and John Dee
Melissa Gatto
Victor Lobo
Ms. Diane Mues
Rob Schoenstedt and Christy Christian
Akash Amin and Shraya Soundararajan
Erika and Joel Gimbel
Elizabeth Loentz, in memory of Evelyn and Dimitrios Ganas
Patricia Moore
Melanie Sever, in honor of Mrs. Mara Maddocks
Michael Anderson
James Ginsburg and Patrice Michaels
Long Family
Vickie Nauman
Todd and Talitha Shamaly
Jack Ayer
Tania and David Haigh
Colleen and Andrew Kowalkowski
Denise Ndukwu
Steven Shaw
Matt Becker
Leo and Angela Harmon
Renée and John Lundy
Nicole and Morris Neal
Todd Snead and Joe Cunningham
Suchita Bedi
Marc Harper
Tanya Lux
Elizabeth Neary
Ken Soltesz
Katie Black Shields and Jeff Shields, in memory of Desiree Grode
Rebecca Hill, ’98
Molly Lynch
Gail and Marvin Newman
Kevin Stanciel
Alisa and Ken Brady
Kuang-Hao Huang
Ralph and Bonnie Mandell
Anita Nikolich
Jamie Stanesa and Paul Ellenbogen
Steven and Karen Braun
Brian Jacoby
Suseela and Benjamin Marion
Kousiki Patra and Saurabh Shah
Benjamin and Lauren Stewart
Lorenzo Cabrera
Jackie Kalis, on behalf of Bennett and Elliot King
Beth and Michael Marrion
Greg Peck
Mikela Sutrina and Dave Busch
Anson Coolidge
Rob and Yuri Kern​
Catherine and Michael Mascari
Jeffery and Dena Perry
Stacey Tang and Wei Wu
Kelly Coyle
Amy Looi
Maxwell Drums
Theodore Pigott and Shu-Ting Chiu
Beverly qnd Allen Tinkham
Kate Donaldson and Ryan Whitacre, in honor of Sara and Scott Fisher
Adam Kreis
Josephine Lee and Kevin McConkey
Juliet and Steve Plonsker
Kyra K. Tyler, ’95
Monica Drane and Paul Shadle
Toni Lang, in honor of Bev and Allen Tinkham and Maddy Vincent
Qingshu Meng and Deliang Liu
David Poell and Alica Cao
Stephanie and Mijo Vodopic
Anne Duggan and Jaime García-Añoveros
Kristina Lee, ’91
Wendy Merz
Nighet Razvi and Joseph Sachleben
Jill and Stephen Williamson
Jerome and Yifang Fifer
Stephen Lester
Pat and Yasuko Metcalf
Todd Rowden
Catherine Eckel, in honor of Julia Wodzien
$100 – $249
Anonymous (12)
Cloverleaf and the Basofin Families
Patricia Holmes
Jaynellen and Michael Mikulski
Linda and Robert Taubenheim
Arthur Adler
Pace Cooper
Barbara and Francis Hunt
Ethan Montgomery
Jacqueline Tilles
Jill and Maher AlJundi
Lydia Danikolas
Mike and Catie James
Yvonne Moy
William Tong and Candy Ng
Carol Allegretti, in honor of Mara Maddocks and John Williams
Gareth and Becky Davies
Anne Huynh McTighe and Michael Huynh
Sandra Myers
Madalyne Tregellas Maxwell
Sharon Anderson, ’67
Brian Der
Daniel Kahn
William Nealon, ’70
Jean Ung
Richard Armandi, ’72
Carol Der
Edward Karls, ’84
Dan Novak, ’85
Zalman Usiskin
Richard S. Bair, ’61
Donald and Julie Deroche
Donna Kendall
Cecilia Oh
Carlos and Lucia Valdez
Maria Banda and Mauricio Ochoa
Cheng Dong and Langchi Zhu
Anastasia Khoubaeva and Christopher Hummel
Caroline and Eric Older
Linda Van Dyke
James Barrow and Soo Kim
Peter K. Duda
Barry Kogan, ’70 and Cheryl Gelder-Kogan
Akhila and Venkat Palli
Madeline S Vincent
The Basofin Family, in honor of Stephen Schwartz
Malathi Echambadi
Deborah and Daniel Kriho
Angela Papassavas
Eugenia Vining
Sherry and Bob Battalini
Elizabeth M Fiden, on behalf of Alec Fiden
Janet Larchey
Jonathan Paul and Lisa Masinter Paul
Adam Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Baumann, in honor of Louis and Henry Auxenfans
Madalyn Frigo
Michael Lawitts
Craig Petersen
Stephen and Helen Weingust, in honor of Ethan Weingust
John Bausch, in memory of Al Schlatmeyer
Carlos García León
Alina and Sorin Lazar
Helene and Jean-Pierre Ngoy
Mayumi and Axel Wille
Martine Benmann and Ilya Levinson
Jolanta and Michael Glotzer
David Leali
Priya Rajagopalan and Harish Devarajan
Loren Williams and Ruth Masters
James Bensdorf
Mitchell Goldsmith
Lisa Leali
Servia Rindfleish
Anne S. Wilson and Jay Carl Klemme, ’70
John Boncimino and Jean Juarez Boncimino
Ross Gombiner, ’84
Donald Lee
Lillie Rockey
Patrick Wilson, ’73
Stuart Bradley and Francesca Cornelli
Bryan and Kate Gough Pravel
Emily Lewis Mantell, in memory of Matthew Mantell
Linda and Gary Rudenberg
Theresa and John Wood
Katie and Jeff Bryk
Dana and Heather Green
Aizhen Li and Zhihong Xia
Solomiya and Andrian Saldan
Barbara Wright-Pryor
Garrick Bunting
Michael and Diane Green, in honor of Dana Green
Mei Li and Jie Song, in honor of Derek Song
Greg Schahet
Jing Xing and Wei Li
Rizelle Capito
Greg Greenberg
Derrick Mackavich and Sofia Khoubaeva Mackavich
Peter Seidenberg, in memory of David Niwa
Weihua Ye and Tao Zhu
John Cerauli
Paul Gregory
Vaiva and Tomas Marchertas
Urmi Sengupta, on behalf of Chitra Bhattacharya
Gina Zachariah
Weixing Cheng and Zhenya Yu
Abbey Hambright
Maria Cucicea and Ivan Benzar
Sam Shaw ’19
Sandy Zhang and Tao Bai
Joseph and Barbara Chevalier
John and Patty Henek
Tina and Nick Mascari
Joel and Donna Stender In Honor of Stephen Schwartz
Charlene Zimmerman, ’68
James Cho
Mr. John B. Hirsch
Virginia A McCluskey, in honor of August Schwob
Shelly Sun
Ken Zroka
$50 – $99
Anonymous (5)
Paula Deutsch Mueller, ’68
Ellen Huang and Ted Liu
Susan L. Nigro, ’69
Amy Knutson Strack and Steven Strack
Jaymara Baker-Hill
Lisa Faletto Davis
Shaum Jhansale
Michael Pettersen and Jan Aramini
Judy Henderson Thorne, ’63
James Bartley
Lisa Frederick
Scott Kim
Carole Polacek
Antonina Vasilishina
Emilia Blaszak-Freymiller
Jennifer Gartenberg, in honor of Natalie Brown
Bob and Linda Kozoman
Emily Polacek and John Polacek
Ann and Bruce Vaughen
John P. Brittain
Carlos Gonzalez
Jeffrey Krieger, ’75
Robert Whitebone
An-Me Chung and George Trone
Robert Heine
Ilan and Susan Pragaspathy
Barbara Walker Lewis, ’57
Patricia and Lawrence Burns
Flora Gu and Qi Yuan
The Krishnans
Hadley Reynolds, ’54
Summer Wallace
Jennifer Chada and Michael Torti
Mary and Arthur Gugulski
Mijin Lee
Kevin and Holly Rouser
Fanghwa Wang and Sun M. Li
Sarah Chen and Simon Wang
Nishanth Harikumar
Marie A. Lona
Jacqueline Salzinger, in honor of Geetha Somayajula
Allison Webb
Yimei Chen and John Zhou
Hai He and Wenyi Cao
Michael Lowenstern, ’85
Rich Samonte, in honor of Sarah Williams
James P. McGinnis, in honor of Michael Freilich
Susan Schrean
Jennifer Willis
Nancy Clement
Randi and Brian Heuser
Bethany McLean
Carol Schulze and Daniel Richter
Charlotte Wilson
Katherine Coleman
Benjamin Hobson
Jennifer and David Meger
Eleanor Shifley
Tao Xie and Liqiong Tong
Iris Cosnow, M.D.
Stephen B. Hommowun
Edward L. Michael, in memory of Alinda A. Michael
Vicki Siegelman
Jiawen Yan and Mike Ouyang
Jason Decker
Yuqian Hu and Xingguo Pan
Eileen Mikulski
Ann Steller
Paul Zafer, Betty Lewis

Continuo Club

Monthly DonorsAngela and Dana O’Banion
Bryan and Kate Gough Pravel
Kyra K. Tyler, ’95
Renata and Randy Yuill
Azure and Steve Thill
Ms. Deborah Fineberg
Meredith, ’98 and Lance Shaner
Sam Shaw, ‘19
Beverly and Allen Tinkham
George Miller
Rebecca Hill, ‘98
Valerie L

From September 1, 2022 – August 31, 2023

The 2023 CYSO Gala

On Saturday, February 25, nearly 500 CYSO supporters gathered at The Geraghty for the 2023 CYSO Gala. Celebrating pioneering women in music, the event raised more than $680,000 to support CYSO’s music training programs for students from across the Chicago region. Almost 200 of CYSO’s young musicians were on hand, performing works composed, made famous by, or arranged by women. Gala proceeds are key to keeping tuition affordable for all CYSO families, funding financial assistance, and ensuring our expansive community programming is always offered free of charge. Your generosity will have a lasting impact on the lives of our young musicians.

Platinum SponsorsSheppard Mullin
Gold SponsorsJenner & Block LLP / The Bricker Vinik Family 
US Bank
Cynthia Van Osdol & John Sandwick
Brittany Viola & Justin Bernbrock
Silver SponsorsConagra Brands
Old National Bank
Pritzker Traubert Foundation 
Stephen & Terry Schwartz 
Bronze SponsorsAccenture 
Dr. Jana L. French & Peter M. Gotsch
ESOP Structuring Specialists Inc.
Green River Films 
Mary & Lionel Go
Louanne Carabini & Shawn O’Leary
Real Digital LLC
Sipi Metals Corp.
Advocate SponsorsBaker McKenzieWintrust Chicago’s Bank
Ally SponsorsRSM US LLPIsrael Rocha

If you would like more information about how you or your company can become a sponsor of CYSO’s annual gala, contact Marc Bitler at or call 312-939-2207.

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