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Orchestra Hall Concert to Feature Contemporary Works Highlighting Diverse Composer Voices

This fall’s Orchestra Hall concert kicks off with a trio of contemporary works featuring diverse composer voices.

Jessie Montgomery

The first piece on the program is Jessie Montgomery’s Overture, which premiered earlier this spring by members of Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Montgomery herself is currently CSO Mead Composer-in-Residence and the piece “could be considered a miniature concerto for orchestra,” according to Chicago Classical Review. The composer herself writes that Overture is “steeped in harmonic textures inspired by a fusion between jazz and American classical harmonies, Baroque rhythmic gestures, and polyphonic tension.”

Anna Clyne

Next on the program is Anna Clyne’s Marble Moon from the piece Abstractions. Clyne, who CYSO interviewed earlier this year, was commissioned to write the piece by the Baltimore Museum of Art, taking as her inspiration pieces from a private art collection. Marble Moon was written in response to an evocative photo collage by artist Sara VanDerBeek. Clyne wrote that “common threads between the artworks are their use of limited color palettes, reference to nature, and the capturing of time as a current that flows.”

Daniel Bernard Roumain

Finally comes Daniel Bernard Roumain’s Father Antonio’s Contrapuntal Prayers for Michael. The piece is said to be inspired by a priest who was stationed at the Alamo. Roumain, who also goes by the initials DBR, is a prolific creative, working as composer, violinist, activist, educator, and social entrepreneur. His work blends funk, rock, hip-hop, electronic music with classical styles.

Don’t miss these pieces or the rest of the packed program, including Strauss’ Ein Heldenleben and the world premiere of Clarice Assad’s Bohemian Queen, as Symphony Orchestra takes the stage on Sunday, November 20! Tickets and more info about the concert are at

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