CYSO Tour: Czech Radio Interview

During our tour stop in Prague back in June, percussionist Frederick McClure and CYSO Executive Director Susan Lape sat down for an interview with Czech Radio prior to our concert […]

CYSO Tour: Unity Through Music

As we plan the experiences students will participate in on tour, allowing them the chance to engage with peers from the country we’re visiting is always high on the list. […]

CYSO Tour: Traveling with an Orchestra

The seven students of CYSO’s Tour Social Media Team are sharing photos and blog posts of their experience abroad on our 2017 Tour of Central Europe. Today we feature a […]

CYSO Tour: Serbian TV Feature

On the eve of our flight to Belgrade to begin CYSO’s 2017 Tour of Central Europe, the orchestra and our upcoming performance were featured this morning on Serbian TV. Check […]

CYSO Tour: Grace Hong Prepares for Europe

CYSO’s Symphony Orchestra sets off on a 10-day Tour of Central Europe on Monday, June 19. Violinist and CYSO summer intern Grace Hong wrote about how she’s preparing for Europe […]

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